Rolight International Inc. 
has been specialized in manufacturing the roadway safety products, LED lighting, PPE, and provides roadway safety solutions for decades.  

In recently years, we devote all of our attention and knowledge in developing the solar roadway and solar relative products.  The brilliant performances of our solar products were approved, and successfully exported to worldwide in USA, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Spain, Italy, UK, South Africa and many of the Middle East countries.

Our solar products include 
‧ Solar Powered Ventilation Fan
‧ Solar Powered Road Hazard Markers
‧ Solar Powered Arrow Directional Sign
‧ Solar Powered Traffic Warning Light
‧ Solar Powered Arrow Marker

Furthermore, by combining the advanced solar technology with flexible production line, we are able to provide a quick total solution to achieve customer’s requirements and earn fine reputation within customers.  OEM or ODM cooperation is highly welcome.